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February 20, 2022DCE-1 Retakers and takers without review – English1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
March 20, 2022DCE-1 Examination (Bahasa Indonesia) – Care Academy Singapore1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
May 08, 2022DCE-1 Examination (English) – Care Academy Singapore1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
June 19, 2022DCE-1 Examination (Bahasa Indonesia) – Care Academy Singapore1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
August 07, 2022DCE-1 Examination (English) 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
October 30, 2022DCE-1 Examination (English) – DCE Promo 2022 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM
November 27, 2022DCE-1 Examination (English) – GIMS Group International1:00 PM – 5:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dementia Care Expert Certification?

Dementia Care Expert Certification

The Dementia Care Expert (DCE) certification is a professional certification recognized by the International Federation for Dementia Care. The candidate must successfully pass the Dementia Care Expert Examination that is held every year. A certified DCE is expected to be highly knowledgeable and skilled in dementia care so that they may contribute in improving dementia care skills as well as health and welfare in the global setting. In order to provide the highest quality of dementia care, a certified DCE is – obligated to renew their certification, as part of their lifetime learning program, by reevaluating their own performance, acquiring the latest information and skills and applying them on the job.

DCE certification is being held annually and bi-annually in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and Indonesia.

How is the Dementia Care Expert Examination done?

Dementia Care Expert Examination is done in two level for a full certification, DCE-1 and DCE-2. DCE-1 is administered through a multiple-choice type of examination for all 3 categories (basic, practice and management). Each category has 50 questions. (Because of the this year’s DCE-1 is done online.)

DCE-2 is a different type of exam as examinees will be asked to answer through an essay a dementia care-related question prior to the exact day of an actual oral presentation/discussion day where a panel of experts will be present to grade the examinees.

How much is the Examination Fee?

Examination fee for DCE-1 is $90 ($30 per category) while for DCE-2 examination fee is yet to be announced

When is the next schedule of these exams?

Please visit this link for the complete schedule:

DCE Registration Site

What are the qualifications and requirements prior to taking the exam?

DCE-1 examinees should have a prior knowledge of basic concepts of dementia. It is required of him/her to study the Dementia Care Books (Basic, Practice and Management) published by GIMS as questions for the DCE-1 examination are derived from these books.

DCE-2 examinees, on the other hand, should pass the DCE-1 first and should have an in-depth knowledge about dementia and dementia care. The examinee should also have at least 3 years of experience in handling dementia-related cases or clients.

Do you offer review sessions before the exam? How much is the review fee and what is the schedule of the review?

Yes. Our only accredited training provider, BAY and GIMS offer review sessions for DCE-1 examinees. At the moment, because of the pandemic, they are doing this online and review sessions are recorded and can be watched by the reviewees anytime.

Review fee for DCE-1 is $100.

Do you have an Online Review Sessions Schedule for 2022?

The Online Review Sessions that is organized by BAY and GIMS is composed of 5 consecutive Sundays, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. You may still avail of the review by watching the recorded videos of the sessions at your own available time prior to taking the exam.

Please click the schedules here https://gims-ph.com/index.php/exam-and-review-schedules-2022/

How much is a set of Dementia Care Books and where can I avail it?

A set of Dementia Care regular price is $60 USD (shipping fee not included).  You may order it by contacting us through our official Facebook page or through the following Shopee link (only for Philippines)

GIMS Shopee Store

What should I do if I fail the exam?

Examinees may retake the exam category in which he or she failed at on the next schedule of DCE-1 examination upon payment of the corresponding exam fee.

DCE-2 examinee who failed the exam may also retake on the next schedule.

Is there an expiration to retake the failed category?

Yes. Examinee must retake and pass the category within 3 years after the first failure.

What will I receive if I pass the examination?

Successful examinees, both of DCE-1 and DCE-2, will be awarded the certification by the International Federation for Dementia Care as well as an IFDC Identification Card upon payment of certification fee of $20. They will also be given a special access to all resource materials of the IFDC publications, articles, videos, etc. They will also enjoy special discounts to all IFDC-organized seminars and conferences.

How long is the certification valid?

DCE-1 and DCE-2 certifications are valid for 5 years and should be renewed thereafter with accumulated units from IFDC-organized seminars and conferences or other organizers.

For more information please visit IFDC Official Website